Mia Duret

Born in 1978 in Martinique


  • SKILLS —

  • Strategy

  • Analyst

  • Concept

  • Curator

  • Museographer

  • Editor

  • Cultural events



  • DESS / MASTER 2 in European Banking and Finance
    2002 – 2003

  • A Master’s degree in Economics, majoring in International Economics, Money and Finance
    2000 – 2002

  • DEUG in Economics and Management
    1999 – 2000

  • College & High School Grand Air
    1989 – 1997

Trained as a manager and administrator and having graduated in Business and Administration*, Mia Duret also obtained a master in Banking and Finance. She started her career managing a travel agency and then went on to become an assets consultant in the banking sector. Five years later, she mastered management skillfully with a thorough knowledge of local businesses in Morocco and particularly convinced of the importance of design in the corporate environment. She then decided to join her brother Younes to open the creative agency Younes Duret Design taking over the key position of Design manager. As much visionary as responsive in her role, she successfully and rapidly positioned the corporate image of the agency at the center of numerous events (Maroc Design 2006) and by setting up the social blog Design Maroc. This strategy helped the agency get exposure and bring the members of the community of moroccan designers together around this emerging sector. It combined with momentum the company’s orientation and development line around projects aimed at a new generation of moroccans who are less conservative and more open to change, making them privileged advocates of modern style.

Regulating the balance between creativity and rationality, Mia defines and analyses and Younes formalizes. She nowadays is in charge of customer service and sales department as well as budget and time management. Connecting the participants in a collaborative process, she suggests work policies and new tools to create value, where skills meet to serve a common project and each one’s expertise is emphasized. Furthermore, she makes the feasibility study of the projects and checks if they are grounded on reliable and solid bases. She monitors the performance using her luminous organizational skills and her pragmatism.

Gifted with an astute eye on her time and her environment, she keeps watch on the technological and design aspect, expressing constantly her determination to search, to learn and gather information in order to encourage the whole team towards innovation. This dynamic promotes in such a unique way the dialectical approach of the agency. A fist of iron in a velvet glove is what represents her, she who developed the skill of persuasion, brilliant at networking and communicating her convictions. She also discovered new talents outside the company and asked them to join different projects.(the Chamooo Theory, Medin’art) adding a zest of improvisation to the picture…

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