Exhibition and scenography


The Desert Design exhibition evokes a powerful emotional response in visitors, combining vivid rugs-artwork with an elegantly monochrome backdrop.

Move through a journey of disorienting yet captivating contrasts designed to stir the emotions and challenge expectations. This powerful experience will take you on an adventure that arouses curiosity while one loses sight of familiar visual reference points. Take this opportunity to discover something new within yourself, embracing mystery and uncertainty as you go!

Stimulated by the captivating scenography, visitors are given a unique opportunity to connect with artful rugs through an immersive sensory experience. By interacting directly with this extraordinary material, they can explore its composition in detail and gain insight into its remarkable craftsmanship.

Creation, design and production of the entire scenography and communication media (poster, invitation, press kit, etc.).

Christine Bouilloc – Director of the Bargoin Museum

« Nous pouvons souligner un grand professionnalisme dans la réalisation de ce projet : cahier d’intention très étoffé et pertinent, grande qualité d’écoute, rendus des documents dans les plannings établis, suivi du projet avec plusieurs interlocuteurs de manière constante et assidue, présence au montage pour le suivi technique. »

Step into the Desert Design exhibition and experience a journey through the creative process. Stimulated by captivating scenery, visitors are invited to interact with rugs in order to appreciate their unique artistic composition of this ancient material.

Desert Design’s immersive journey invites visitors to experience a sensory adventure full of excitement. Through the progressive exploration of their carpet-paintings, guests are met with abstract patterns that awaken a kaleidoscope of colors and an unforgettable symphony for the senses.

In a setting where the Aït Khebbach tribe’s communal spirit springs to life, an awe-inspiring homage is paid to their artistic legacy. Here, one may come face-to-face with the magical weaving women of this remarkable culture and stand captivated by its enchanting harmonies.

Through female-driven creativity, innovative works are born. The use of recovered materials in tandem with traditional manufacturing tools like the loom allows for a refreshing reinterpretation of everyday items. By upcycling industrial products and infusing them with age-old traditions, these creations become authentic statements made through design.

Thus, from nothingness comes creation, from the desert comes design.

Interior design.
Graphic design.
Conception and creation of the scenography.
Strategic research.
Production of communication elements (posters, invitations, press releases).
Manufacture of the scenographic structures.

Showcasing the artworks.
To promote and make known the crafts from the desert.
Enhancing a place.
Promote Moroccan craftsmanship and know-how.
To attract renewed attention from visitors.
To offer the visitor a rich and entertaining experience.
Stand out.


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