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Lighting & vase


The Jidhr collection is a stunning reminder of the beauty and cyclical nature of life. Its intricate floral patterns embroidered with twisting curves, winding arches, and vertical lines reflect an ancient wisdom – every moment in our lives is connected to each other as part of one great cycle.

Combining industrial design with craftsmanship, the Jidhr collection harmonizes ecological intelligence and innovation. Following a computer-modelled approach, 3D printing is employed to create stylish light fixtures and vases constructed from sustainable substances including cork, wood and corn starch.

Lighting: L. 20 x l. 20 x H. 30 cm. Made by 3D printing in bioplastic. 26 hours of printing are required for its manufacture.

Vase : L. 20 x l. 20 x H. 35 cm. Made by 3D printing in bioplastic. 38 hours of printing are required for its manufacture.

Gabriel Martel – ID Prestige

« Younes Duret a pensé et créé un luminaire et un vase en impression 3D. S’inscrivant dans le thème de “l’indusanat”, ou comment réunir l’industrie et l’artisanat, les créations de la collection “Jidhr ” sont conçues avec une intelligence écologique. »

Inspired by the rich traditions of Islamic ornamentation, Younes Duret’s collection is a captivating blend of two juxtaposed graphic patterns – each rooted in centuries-old cultural heritage. His work results in an artistic marriage that embodies timeless beauty and style.

Jidhr vases were presented on the Holmarcom booth at COP 22, in November 2016.

Form and function development.
Design for rapid prototyping.
Industrial design.
Colour, material and finishing.
Sourcing and testing of components.

Developing new products.
Produce in an eco-responsible way.
Promote Moroccan craftsmanship and know-how.


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