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Launched in 2008, Ness Radio (ناس راديو) set the stage for an alternative presence in Moroccan web radio. Curated by over 30 music-lovers from around the world–including renowned names like Robert Luis and LeFtO–the platform is a collaborative musical community centered on sharing unpublished tracks of Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and other genres across both old & new records known or otherwise. Involving celebrated figures such as Jazzcat to everyday enthusiasts based everywhere from Marrakesh to Los Angeles, its mission remains one of exchange through sound that reaches far beyond any single nation’s borders.

Ness Radio is an exciting digital design project that promises an ad-free radio experience with music from independent artists. Unlike most, this thematic station lives and thrives only through the dedication of its supporters and listeners who contribute to bring it online – creating a truly unique listening adventure!

Digital design project – WordPress / Liquidsoap / Airtime – Coded in PHP, MySql, Java, HTML

Omar Houari – Chef d’antenne chez M6 / Co-fondateur

« Dans un monde où l’intelligence artificielle et les algorithmes régissent la quasi-totalité de nos interactions avec la technologie, nous proposons une alternative décalée et humaine facilitant la découverte musicale. »

Creating a connection with its audience, Ness Radio embraces the spirit of collaboration – an idea substantiated by its name which is derived from “people” in Arabic. Since inception and despite revolutionary changes to radio technology due to internet access, it has grown in popularity and captivated over one million listeners worldwide. These accomplishments were even acknowledged at the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2015 where it was praised as the Best Asia Pacific-Middle East & Africa Radio Station.

At Ness Radio, we champion the celebrated skill of a human DJ to discover and curate notable music for our listeners. AI algorithms can electronically select tracks but at Ness radio it’s all about that unique sense of discovery as chosen by an experienced music selector- giving you access to melodies from every corner of your musical horizon!

Digital design.
Sound Design.
Idea, design and implementation of the website.
WordPress, Airtime, Liquidsoap, Ubuntu, PHP, MySql, Java, HTML.
Animation, programming, broadcasting and music mixing.
Animation, programming, broadcasting and music mixing.
Organisation and live broadcasting of events.

Generate renewed attention from the audience.
To provide the user with a rich and entertaining experience.
Stand out.


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