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Attijariwafa bank
Collection A. Jamaï

Coffee table


What if clouds could be invited into our interiors through the imagination of the designer? Raïma embodies, like the stories of St Exupéry, an ode to travel, escape, and daydreaming.

Its white top replicates, with the innocence of a child’s drawing, the emblematic form of a cloud floating on azure blue wooden legs. In fact, the legs of this small piece of furniture seem to have been sculpted by the slow and continuous breath of the wind. In reality, it is the skilled hand of the Mâalem, maneuvering his lathe, which gives them grace and sweet roundness.

Through its forms and colors, Raïma reveals to us a fragment of this celestial landscape so dear to the “Little Prince”.

In 2020, as part of a commission by a major bank in Casablanca, Younes conceived, designed, and presented the Raïma table.

⟶ 6-leg table L. 120 x l. 70 x H. 40 cm.

⟶ 3-leg table L. 70 x l. 70 x H. 40 cm.

⟶ 1-leg table L. 40 x l. 40 x H. 40 cm.

Turned beech wood legs.
Beech wood top.

Antoine De St Exupéry

« Clouds are not just water, they are also dreams »

As a child, it was said of Younes that he resembled the “Little Prince”. And even today, while he still sports his blond, curly hair, it’s to Saint Exupéry that he now identifies.

Nurtured for years by the narratives and romantic universe of the author-aviator, Younes has been able to absorb and convey through his creations that little extra sense that makes them unique. Raïma thus fits into a story that began several decades ago, when Younes discovered Saint Ex’s work for the very first time.


Shape development.
Rhino & 3DS Max.
Design & Crafts, wood turning lathe.
Colour, material and finishing.


Developing new products.
Promote Moroccan craftsmanship and know-how.
To provide the user with a sense of calm.
To provoke emotions related to travel.


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