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RANSA offers a unique reading experience with an airy aesthetic and thoughtful functionality. Its oversized sofa creates the perfect space for settling in to enjoy your favorite book, while its wraparound frame appears to float atop custom storage specifically designed for books of any size. Whether situated in a large library room or cozy corner study, RANSA is sure to make literary contentment accessible at all times!.

Reading is an intimate and sacred experience. Without any sense of time or place, it can transport us on a journey to explore the beauty of literature in solitude or with those we love.

The Ransa bookcase and Sofarab armchair deliver a sense of nostalgic beauty, inspired by Younes Duret’s childhood memories. Inviting books to become part of the decor, these pieces create additional storage space for cherished items in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

L. 180 x l. 140 x H. 87 cm.
Metal structure.
Solid wood veneer.

Guillaume Cavailles – Hebdoblog

« Une bibliothèque, un canapé, un tapis volant, RANSA c’est un peut tout à la fois, un design raffiné en bois […] qui donne envie de lire, de rêver et surtout d’en profiter !. »

As a tribute to his mother, Khansae – the great reader of her household and source of inspiration for Younes Duret’s work – RANSA was born. This sensorial object is designed with heartfelt nostalgia in mind, evoking childhood memories where books were strewn across the floor beneath his mother bed.

Strategic research.
Rhino & 3DS Max.
Industrial design.
Colour, material and finishing.

Developing new products.
Stand out.
Provide the user with a rich and entertaining experience.


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