An eco-friendly gallery at COP22

Recycled wood wall & Scenography


Organic shapes, recycled materials, modularity and simplicity of manufacture and use are the main principles of the stand design. Made from recycled wood and covered with natural water-based paint, the display units and counter are designed to use as less material as possible.

Before entering this gallery filled with a variety of surprising creations, an imposing and aesthetic partition is raised in front of you. Like a life-size puzzle, there is 800 plates assembled to build the walls. These panels have the peculiarity of being recycled from old wood coming from the yards of Marrakech. All the front facades create a border of the stand of 100 m2, are decorated with an Islamic inspired pattern design by the designer. A little dreamy, the partition seems to form pretty cottony clouds lit by a warm and soft light.

At the initiative of the Trésors de Claire event agency for Holmarcom Group: a private Moroccan group, the project came to life during the Cop22 international Conference on Climate change held in Marrakech. As a part of its policy, Holmarcom is committed to supporting Moroccan creative growth. The gallery H, a creative space dedicated to the perfect blend between crafts and design, is a perfect result of that policy

Creation, design and manufacture of the entire scenography on a 120m² space.


« Once inside the stand, the space is warm and welcoming, far from the tumult of the event. The choice of pastel colors reminds us of those of the ocher city of Marrakech. At the heart of the gallery is a small cozy lounge above which, plants are hanging coming from arid regions. This place symbolizes, in a way, the unexpected discovery of an oasis of freshness. »

A gallery of design objects within the green area at the COP22 of Marrakech.

This space is completely conceived by the designer Younes Duret. The space presents 17 unique creations of Moroccan artists and designers. These creative people have put environmental consciousness at the heart of their work. They have created innovative artwork that makes one think , since they have been produced using techniques that are respectful of the planet.

Interior design.
Graphic design.
Design and production of the scenography.
Strategic research.
Production of communication elements.
Manufacture of the scenographic structures.

Design of a booth.
Produce in an eco-responsible way.
Promote Moroccan craftsmanship and know-how.
To attract renewed attention from visitors.
To offer the visitor a rich and entertaining experience.
Stand out.


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