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Shelf assembled without nails or screws

Zelli – 2006
Mini Zelli – 2011

Unlike some objects where function dictates aesthetics, Zelli is a bookcase whose structure reinterprets in three dimensions a geometric pattern from traditional Moroccan mosaics. Quite simply. As radiant and sophisticated as it is portable and easy to store, it is made up of 8 identical self-locking modules that fit together without nails or screws in just ten minutes – child’s play!

Zelli is a bookcase that marries function and style – it’s an innovative geometric pattern from the traditional Moroccan mosaic brought to life in three dimensions. But its beauty isn’t just skin deep, Zelli also benefits from being effortless to assemble; with 8 self-locking modules fitting together without nails or screws in only 10 minutes your shelving style dreams are realized faster than you can say ‘childsplay!’

Zelli : L. 140 x l. 35 cm. Simopor.

Mini Zelli : L. 100 x l. 25 cm. Simopor.

Bénédicte Régimont – CôtéMaison

« Simplicité et prestance, vous pouvez la monter vous-mêmes, les 8 modules identiques à assembler sont auto-bloquant ce qui ajoute au ludique du meuble. Zelli existe aussi en version mini… Comment résister ? »

With Zelli, Younes Duret proves once again that these motifs are not “folkloric” but represent the aesthetics of a civilisation. This intention explains the success of this bookcase, which was exhibited at the first Abu Dhabi Art Fair in 2008 and received the prize for best design product at the 2009 Design & Design Awards.

Form and function development.
Design for rapid prototyping.
Industrial design.
Colour, material and finishing.
Sourcing and testing of components.

Developing new products.
Valuing a know-how and a civilisation.
Provide the user with a rich and entertaining experience.
Stand out.
Promote Moroccan craftsmanship and know-how.


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